Next available refinish slots from September 6. Click here to contact us and reserve your place.

Moving forward, big news for 2020

A MASSIVE thank you to all my customers - many of whom are now friends - for your great taste in guitars, kind words and most of all, your patience while I work through what can seem at times to be an endless queue of incredible jobs.

Thanks to your support over the last two years, the business has grown to a level where it’s necessary to take an objective stance and refocus priorities, in order to keep things fresh and sustainable, and, most importantly, to provide the highest possible level of service to all my customers.

Last call for custom order bodies

FROM next Monday (February 17) I will no longer be taking new custom orders for repro bodies via the website or other channels. If you have an order in progress or we have been figuring out the details of a build over the last couple of weeks, don’t worry, nothing will change and it will progress as normal.

If there is a lot of interest in bespoke commissions in the interim, I might open the books again in May, depending on workload. Refinish bookings will not be affected, just get in touch book your job in.

Looking to the future, Rexter Guitars will be devoted to following my original vision: providing the ultimate period-correct and perfectly-matched custom colour refinishes. Expect to see lots more vintage and high end instruments coming through the workshop, a simpler pricing structure for finishing work and more image galleries and content on the website. Refinish jobs will also be allotted a fixed time block to help keep jobs on track and customers know their valuable instrument is being well cared for at each stage of the job.

Nitro bodies will still be for sale

If you're desperate to build a boutique project yourself, don't despair, I will still be offering finished bodies for sale on the website when time allows. Although you won't be able to spec out your own colours etc, expect to see plenty more custom colour metallics, offset bodies and metalflake finishes alongside classic bursts and blondes coming up for sale. They'll be added to the website when they are available to ship to keep your wait time to a minimum. No complex invoicing and admin, simply click and buy using PayPal or any credit/debit card at the secure checkout.

Proud to be working with Ivison Guitars

My other HUGE announcement is that I am absolutely honoured to be working in collaboration with Ivison Guitars, with my vintage-style nitrocellulose finishes finding a natural home on his incredible boutique guitars. If you don’t already know Neil and his work, check out his beautiful guitars, all handmade in his UK workshop and already shipping all over the world. Looking forward to some amazing projects with him moving forward, more posts will follow!

An Ivison Guitars goldtop using Crescent Bronze powders and pure, uncatalysed nitrocellulose lacquer taking shape.