We are taking a break from September 2022 and cannot take on any new refinishes or custom orders right now, thanks.

About Rexter Guitars

Rexter Guitars - fixated on vintage guitars, custom colours and quality...

I'll keep this short, if I can... I'm a musician and a guitar obsessive. Throughout more than 20 years of touring, recording, writing and producing, I've bought, sold, borrowed, repaired and obsessively messed with, pretty much every type of guitar you can imagine. 

What has remained a staple for me are the classic designs – and colours – of the 1950s and '60s. Rexter Guitars is the inevitable culmination of this obsession.

It's about offering guitar players and collectors accurate recreations of the most coveted custom colours, especially stunning metallics, that you won't get from other finishers in the UK. The colours are meticulously matched to original paint codes and sprayed using the latest HVLP equipment in my bespoke paint room. 

My standard finish is a high gloss nitrocellulose, impeccably prepped, sprayed and buffed. I also offer the popular NOS (new old stock) option – born out of the Fender Custom Shop – and can age any paint job to your liking.

Although I'm not personally a fan of heavy relics, I love vintage guitars and recreating realistic wear, drawing on the vintage guitars I've owned and had through my workshop for inspiration. So, no 'belt-sander' clichés here, just guitars that look and feel 'right'.

Alongside supplying brand new vintage spec bodies and necks and refinishing customer guitars, I offer a full assembly service, custom routing, guitar repairs and setups. I can also build your dream guitar using my own premium parts and my connections with some of the UK's best luthiers and designers.

If you have an idea for a guitar you can't get out of your head or are planning an authentic vintage build around a beautifully finished nitro body, please get in touch.

 Jon Rexter Crawford