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Refinish Pricing


Pricing for solid, metallic, blonde and burst refinishes

  • Bolt on Fender style body only strip and refinish – starting at £350
  • Set neck Gibson style full guitar strip and refinish – starting at £550
  • Large hollowbody full strip and refinish - starting at £650
  • Rosewood fingerboard neck strip and refinish – £150
  • Maple fingerboard neck strip and refinish – £220
  • Les Paul top only refinish – starting at £275
  • Metalflake and sparkle finishes +£50-100 depending on body style
  • Non-stock colour mixing upcharge + £40

Finishing brand new bodies from luthiers or parts manufacturers

  • Most finishes from £250
  • Metalflake and sparkle finishes +£50
We pride ourselves on offering some of the most accurately-matched custom colours available, specialising on the vintage guitar colours of the 1950s and 1960s but not solely limited to that classic era.


Unlike some other refinishers who use catalysed lacquer with added melamine (meant to speed up the painting process in industrial furniture finishing) our clear nitrocellulose lacquer is made to a traditional formula – completely non-catalysed with zero plasticisers added. This small but important detail gives a truly authentic vintage style finish. 

We only use nitrocellulose finishes and no longer offer 2K or polyurethane type lacquers, it is too disruptive to the usual workflow in the spraybooth and the health risks are higher.

A full refinish can be a long process due to the labour needed in the preparation for paint and the curing time of the lacquer, so the average turnaround time is 8-12 weeks depending on the job queue. At busy times there may be a waiting list to get your instrument into the workshop.

List prices are a guide, so please do get in touch for a comprehensive quote.

Stripping polyurethane lacquer on certain guitars can be problematic and may cost more or not even be possible, polyurethane finished maple necks being one example.

Likewise, if you are able to provide the body pre-stripped to a professional standard we may be able to offer the paint work for a lower price. 


Vintage Jazzmaster Candy apple red refinish rexter guitars